Meet Our Tutors

Clay King

Tutors: Math K-12, English K-7, Science K-10

Clay is a grade 12 student with a passion for math and improving his writing skills. He has gotten his school's mathematics award in grade 11 and the english award in grade 10. He has previously been a teaching assistant and hopes to use the skills he has learned to further your own schooling lives.

Kirby Uy

Tutors: Math K-12, Chemistry 11, Physics 11, Science K-10

Kirby is an enthusiastic grade 12 student who loves science and mathematics. In grade 9, he received the science award, performed within the top 25% of participants in Waterloo's Pascal math contest, and has an overall 97% GPA. He is looking forward to helping you helping build your academic career.

Bradley Wong

Tutors: Math K-12, AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics

Bradley is a resourceful grade 12 student who is passionate about mathematics and economics. He has excelled in math, performed within the top 25% of participants in Waterloo's Pascal math contest, and having an overall GPA of 97%. Overall, Bradley is excited to be tutoring and to pass on the knowledge he has acquired throughout his school experience.

David Chan

Tutors: Social Studies, English K-7

David is in 12th grade and is passionate about humanities. He was previously a teacher's assistant and he looks forward to sharing his knowledge.


Brandon Qin

Tutors: Math K-12, Mandarin, Coding

Brandon is a grade 12 student and a keen learner in the fields of science and mathematics. He has won his school's math award in grade 9, and performed within the top 25% of participants in Waterloo's Pascal math contest, and the coding award in grade 11. Over the course of his life, he has obtained the desire to share his knowledge with the newer generation through tutoring.

Eric Zhang

Tutors: Math K-12, Mandarin

Eric is a grade 12 student and as time has passed, he has become fluent in Mandarin with a lifelong passion for mathematics and a 95% GPA. He is eager to work towards your success.